Upgrading the wheels of your vehicle into chrome custom rims is one of the best ways to improve the visual quotient your ride. Other than its ability to endure extreme heat, chrome finish lends a bluish shine on your wheels that instantly heightens the overall appearance of your car. However, while chrome rims tires, may be durable in nature, it doesn’t take long for them to get dirty and dull looking. This especially applies if you frequently drive your ride on a dusty metro road during the summer, but is icy during winter and requires road salting, which in turn could corrode your wheels’ chrome plating. And because it is necessary that you clean your chrome rims regularly, it is also imperative that you know what cleaning agents to use as improper chrome cleaning could lead to chrome scratching.

Of course, the best way to prevent damage from taking over your chrome custom rims is to avoid neglecting them and leaving them dirty. The dirtier your chrome rims become before you actually deal with them, the more effort you have to clean your wheels and the higher the risk of damage they will acquire. By the time you notice that your wheels are becoming dirty and dull, you should immediately wash them. But, make sure that your rims are cool before you clean them to prevent any type of spotting that could result from cleaning your chrome rims while they are warm.

Cleaning your chrome wheels doesn’t have to be expensive; a mixture of mild detergent and water can easily do the job. To make such mixture, dissolve two cupfuls of mild detergent soap on a half bucket of water. Using a soft towel drenched in the mixture you made, gently wipe the visible dirt or dust particles building up on your wheels. Also, clean the crevices and hidden areas of your wheels to remove hidden particles. Try to rub your wheels gently as excessive rubbing could remove the chrome finish of your wheels and could also result to scratches. When finished with the fist round of wiping, using a hose, wash your wheels thoroughly to clear away the loosened dirt and dust. Repeat doing the process at least two times, but if you haven’t attended to the cleaning requirements of your wheels for quite some time now, you have to do the process several times to warrant the cleanliness of these auto components.

If soap and water could not sufficiently remove the dust and particles on your chrome wheels, a good alternative that you could use is plain white or cider vinegar. Because of the slightly acidic nature of vinegar, applying it on chrome could easily remove gunk and tarnishes that are building up on it. To clean the rust forming on your chrome rims, make use of aluminum foil dabbed in vinegar and rub it on your wheels. Pay careful attention to the amount of pressure you apply to avoid removing your wheels’ chrome finish. Then, thoroughly rinse your wheels with water.

Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your chrome wheels, make sure to dry it really well with a soft towel. Such towel drying is important to avoid leaving water marks on the surface of your wheels. As a final touch, give your wheels their needed shine by polishing them with wax intentionally made for chrome. Besides making your wheels looking lustrous, this final method will definitely reduce the frequency of cleaning your chrome rims.

Since you already know how to appropriately clean your chrome rims, you also have to pay particular attention to the overall maintenance needs of your wheels. Always give proper care and inflation to your chrome wheels as these things would heighten the gas mileage and handling performance of your automobile. Similarly, ensure that your wheels are equally balanced as this would warrant the grip of your vehicle while you drive on the road. Once you are able to attend to all these things, your car will not only look visually appealing, it will also run safer and smoother mile after mile after mile.

You have to take certain precautions when cleaning your alloy chrome wheels to maintain their luck-luster appearance and superior performance. Aside from periodically cleaning your chrome custom rims, you also have to give emphasis on the cleaning agents that you use to facilitate such cleaning. As much as possible settle for soap and water, but if these won’t work especially when your rims have gunk and rust, try using agents that are especially made for chrome.

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